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Election Management Program

Election Management Project was conceptualized to conduct local body and urban local body elections most Transparent, Fare and efficient manner. A common voter is always at the focal point of this initiative. It aimed at making concise, unbiased information available to the citizens.

In previous elections, we all have witnessed campaigns appealing voters to execute their fundamental right. It asked general public to come forward and form abetter government. The campaigns did good job however, voters were still confused about where to register and exactly whom they should really vote. However, now SEC can take a step forward and make the right information available to people.

implementation of Election Management Project (E.M.P.), so as to use state of art information technology for providing timely, accurate and up to date information to voters, political parties, contesting candidates, public, election machinery, media and all other concerned.

Media, political parties and voters will appreciate that; this initiative will definitely help in discharging SEC's constitutional responsibility and mandate of conducting elections in efficient, fare and free manner.

State Election Commission Rajasthan

Also working on Election Management Project for State Election Commission Rajasthan for LB - ULB & PRI elections.

We have successfully served (Nov. 2014 - Feb. 2015)

  • 046 Municipal Councils on a same day
  • 295 Panchayat Samitis on a same day
  • 033 Zilla Parishads on a same day
  • 9900 Grampanchayats on a same day

We have successfully served (July 2015)

  • 142 Municipal Councils

State Election Commission of Rajasthan’s Accreditation for E - Suchi - ULB

State Election Commission of Rajasthan’s Accreditation for E - Suchi - PRI

Statewide Training at State Election Commission of Rajasthan for E - Suchi - PRI & ULB And Statistical Website

State Election Commission Maharashtra

State Election Commission of Maharashtra’s Accreditation for E - Yadi


Election Management Program

  • Website for SEC, Maharashtra
  • Election Sites for each Local Body (LB)
  • Search Engine on Web Site for Voter Details
  • Auto reply-able SMS for search of Voter Details Local Body wise, Ward wise, Booth wise
  • Voter List Preparation using software (E - Yadi) for
    • Entire Local Body
    • Each Ward
    • Each Polling Booth
  • Voter List Printing
    • Draft Voter List
    • Final Voter List
    • Booth wise Voter List
  • Statutory / Non-statutory FormsPrinting

We Ultimate Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. is working for last 10 years in the field of election management, development of election information websites, voter list preparation software, voter name search engine, auto reply SMS for voter name & polling booth searching and printing of voter list.

In last few years local bodies & urban local bodies had changed their traditional way of making physical cut & paste of assembly voter list to form local ward wise voter list, the new trend was set to type on computer and get the list generated for election.

This new trend was also very much tedious and time consuming, involvement of man power for checking the accuracy of typed data was more.

In 2005 we have developed an application for Municipal Corporation election for voter list preparation, which does not need typing of voter name data, it was just uploading the of control chart (control table) of required ward and the software automatically bifurcates the voters in required wards.

Now the web application ई-यादी– (e-Yadi) (e-List) is enhanced up to certain level, that it can handle more than one election at a time.

We have successfully served

  • 195 Municipal Councils on a same day - 11th December 2011 - 7.2 Million voters
  • 010 Municipal Corporations on a same day - 16th February 2012 - 21 Million voters
  • 005 Municipal Corporations on a same day - 15th April 2012 - 2.6 Million voters

Successfully served the Election Management Project for more than 250 local bodies i.e. municipal corporations, municipal councils, nagar panchayats, zillaparishads, gram panchayats for their general & bye elections in last 3 years for state election commission Maharashtra.

SEC IT Services Platform

State Election Commission Gujarat

Also worked on pilot implementation of Election Management Project for state election commission Gujarat.