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V-TRACK - Traffic Census System

The efficiency of transport depends on network of roads and transport system. Transport plays an important role in development of various important sectors of economy like industries, agriculture, commerce, trade, etc. Transport system links the producers with the consumers. The development of the economy depends heavily on a good transport system. The road transport system, in general, consists of animal driven vehicles as well as the power driven vehicles like 2 Wheeler & 3 wheeler Auto, LMV, LCV, 2 Axle Vehicle, 3 Axle Vehicle, Multi Axle Vehicle, Tractor with loaded trolley, Tractor without loaded trolley, Other etc.

The objective of the Traffic Census is to assess the volume of traffic on various road sections in the State. It also simultaneously provides useful data regarding composition of traffic intensity by type of roads in different areas of the State. The estimates of traffic intensity at various road sections provides a measure of adequacy of road carriage way width on those sections and also helps to identify the road sections need to be widen.

We at ULTIMATE ITPL with our associates developed V-Track - Traffic Census System - Vehicle Counting & Identification Analysis Reporting Software. The application is useful for – i) Digital Traffic Count, ii) Existing Traffic Count & origin-destination survey, iii) Traffic data collection for regional planning, iv) Analysis & forecasting.

Traffic studies are the initial step of any road project whether it is improvement over exiting road or construction of entirely new road. These studies are the base for deciding many component such as roadway width, layer composition etc. in any highway design and to assess potential toll revenues from toll able traffic.